Heart to Heart: Primrose Crous

Heart to Heart: Primrose Crous

Step into the world of Primrose Crous as we embark on an intimate and enlightening heart-to-heart interview. Encounter the captivating presence of a woman who challenges our very value systems, evoking introspection and contemplation. Primrose's compelling journey leaves us wondering how we would navigate the intricate paths of her life. With her remarkable strength, unwavering determination, and tenacity, she stands as a beacon of inspiration. As a devoted mother, astute businesswoman, and loving wife, Primrose's multifaceted persona unfolds, revealing the layers of her captivating story. Prepare to be captivated by the grace, resilience, and relentless spirit of this extraordinary woman.

Inside Woman: A lot of people don’t know that you are a Christian. Can you tell us about the journey that led to your acceptance of Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour?

Primrose Crous: I have been a devout Christian since a very young age.  I was brought up with the knowledge that Christ is my Saviour and that I should do everything to be faithful to His word

Inside Woman: Why Jesus when there are so many religions out there?

Primrose Crous: I am not in a position to judge other religions.  I have always been a practising Christian and I have found comfort in the faith that I have in God and his power and glory.  I have not studied any other religions, but I am of the opinion that all religions look to a life of good and right over bad and wrong.  I am a Christian and believe in my religion; I have lots to learn about Christianity without having to spend time studying other religions.

Inside Woman: How important is prayer and studying of the Bible in your walk with Jesus!

Primrose Crous: It is extremely important.  We have to strive to understand God’s promises and the work that we have to do to give praise and blessings to God.  As a Christian we also find comfort in prayer and studying the Word and when we are happy, we should not forget to use prayer to give thanks for the blessings we are given.

Inside Woman: What is it that you think we need to do as Christians to show people God’s love?

Primrose Crous: I think we should always live life in the way that shows compassion and love for all other people.  We should have a forgiving heart for those that are malicious towards us or are simply not able to understand the path that we have chosen.  We have to live the life of Christians every day and not just when it suits us.  When times are tough, God is our rock and when times are good, God should receive the glory.  People need to see Christians as living a Christian life, not just talking about it, but living it.

Inside Woman: How long have you been married and what keys have you found to making your marriage last all this years?

Primrose Crous: We have been married for 6 years now.  Marriage is a fundamental component of life and marriage is a treasured blessing given by God.  As a married couple we work hard on using God’s Word to help us when we have difficulties and need guidance on all aspects of our marriage and raising our children.

Inside Woman: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in how to be a good woman and a good wife?

Primrose Crous: There are so many lessons that we learn each day.  My greatest lesson is twofold:  be honest about everything and have faith in God, because he does have a purpose for you.  The important part is to be patient; one cannot ask for the gift of patience and want it immediately.

Inside Woman: You have endured some difficult circumstances (the famous KhanyiMbau episode). What have you learned from these experiences and how has your forgiveness practice deepened and changed over the years?

Primrose Crous: We all experience our own share of difficulties.  The difference with mine was that it was in the public eye and I had to experience that side of life with my name being splashed all over the media.  What I have learnt is that these are the things that are sent to test our faith.  I never stopped believing that this would work out for us as a family and I had faith in God to help my husband and I get back on track and become even more devoted to each other and to God.  One always has to forgive, that is possibly the most difficult part of being a Christian; but it something that I resolved to do and have done.

Inside Woman: When you going through that drama who was supporting you?

Primrose Crous: I am fortunate that I have some very close friends that I was able to talk to and share my feelings.  They were extremely supportive at all time and allowed me to talk from my heart about what I was feeling and gave me the continued reassurance that I needed at the time.  While prayer and reading the Bible were important, we are not islands and my friends were an important part of my process of dealing with the whole situation.  I am particularly grateful to my friend R who was always available to me to talk to and we spent many hours on the phone, talking about what I was going through.

Inside Woman:  You were friends with KhanyiMbau (correct me if I’m wrong). How is your relationship with KhanyiMbau now?

Primrose Crous: We are no longer friends.

Inside Woman: How do you forgive those who have wronged and hurt you?

Primrose Crous: It is something that as people we are not easily inclined to do.  Forgiveness when we have been wronged is extremely difficult, but with God’s power and guidance and obeying his Word, I was able to forgive.

Inside Woman: There are so many scandals in politics and the entertainment world that it’s hard to find a good role model. Who do you consider a good role model?

Primrose Crous: I think it is very difficult to choose one person as a role model.  What I try to do is look at the qualities of people that I admire and choose those individual qualities as “role models” rather than looking at an individual in that person’s entirety.

Inside Woman: How important is it to have the support of matured Christian women surrounding you?

Primrose Crous: I think the ability to share one’s experiences with other Christian women is very important.  As much as we learn from God’s word and attend Church, we also learn from the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with people who appreciate the Christian perspective on which our decisions and life are based.

Inside Woman:Do you have a spiritual mother and what role does she play in your life?

Primrose Crous: Not really; I look for guidance and support from many sources.  I would like to be the best person that I can possibly be and I take pride in having many people from whom I can take advice and counsel. 

Inside Woman: Many Christian women struggle with eating disorders and body image issues. You are in the public eye; do you ever feel the pressure?

Primrose Crous: Not at all.  I try to look the best that I can, but that is more from the point of being healthy and presentable.  I think too much is made of how we look and the pressure to meet a certain “look”.  As Christians we need to help each other understand that our actions not only speak louder than our words but also louder than the way we look.  In God’s eyes we are all special and all His children.

Inside Woman: Is there any advice that you offer to women who are going through what you went through?

Primrose Crous: Stay faithful to God.  He has an answer to everything.  Believe and never lose confidence in the fact that He has a plan for you.

Inside Woman: A lot of people equate success with money. What does success mean to you?

Primrose Crous: Success is not a function of how much money one has.  There is nothing wrong with having money, but that does not define success.  Success is a function of us knowing that we have delivered on God’s plan for us.  We have followed His Word and done what He expected us to do.  You cannot take money to Heaven; you can only take what you have done to make a positive difference.  So for me success is the knowledge that I have made a positive difference in people’s lives.

Inside Woman: Do you have any words of encouragement for women who are dealing with depression and feeling hopeless?

Primrose Crous: I am not qualified to deal with these types of issues. Depression is something that a great number of people suffer from, for a variety of reasons.  I think it is important to get the right type of help from people at the Church.  In saying that, however, there are many passages in the Bible that help us deal with every type of issue and we should look to the Word and the power of prayer to also give support in those times of depression and hopelessness.

Inside Woman: If you had to do it over again, would you have chosen another route to be where you are?

Primrose Crous: I have no regrets at all.  I think we are all on a path that God has set out for us.  I have always tried to do what is right when given a choice and while I may have made some mistakes along the way, they have all helped me to become a better person overall.

Inside Woman: Besides loving your husband and kids, what projects are you busy with currently?

Primrose Crous: I am in the early stages of writing a book that will hopefully allow people to get a better understanding of where I am from and what I have been through in my life.  I would like to believe that it will be a book that women can take inspiration from and help them in similar situations.

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