Don't Worry - God Is in Control

January 21, 2024

Many people find themselves having to deal with worry. It takes away our peace and happiness, putting us in a state of worry. However, there is a means to overcoming worry and trusting God in every circumstance. In this post, I am going to present some Christian views on how an individual can have a life free of worries.

We should start with worshiping God and getting in His presence when we are afraid. Prayer enables one to appreciate God’s greatness and goodness, rather than focusing on all the things that torture us. God’s power has the ability to change our lives and restore us where we need help. Our strength and a fortress in whom we trust always is Him.

The second thing we must do is fulfill our duty but leave the rest to God. This implies that we should do our best but leave the rest to God. Many people do the opposite: They fear and fail to perform their duty. They stopped doing the right things they should, such as attending church, fulfilling their obligations and being optimistic. They also grumble and discuss their problem with everyone but not with God. This worsens their anxiety and misery.

We need to keep in mind that no challenge is insurmountable and God will always make provisions for our needs, even if He does not give us all we desire immediately. When we spend too much money, thus facing our own problems ourselves, God may not save us right away because He doesn’t want to bail us out when we act foolishly. However, He is faithful and will sustain us if we believe in Him. I can bear witness that God enabled my husband and me to go through some tough financial times without ever failing to pay a single bill.

The final thing we should not do is wait for God, and not on our own understanding. Waiting on God does not mean standing still, but acting in the only way we can act and leave the remainder to God. For instance, we should go out there in search of a job which is actively and aggressively all while praying and believing that God will open the best door for us. Let us at all times rely on God and not ourselves and that God is has the control then he loves us.

If we trust in God and His Word, we can live without anxiety. He has sworn to stay with us and never turn His back on us, and deliver unto us a peace that cannot be comprehended. He loves us in ways we can’t fathom, and he wants to see us enjoy life on earth. Therefore, let’s not be afraid but keep faith in the Lord for everything. He is in control.

Victoria Orenze: The Anointed Gospel Music Minister

October 13, 2023

Victoria Orenze is a gifted gospel music minister known for her soul-stirring songs and anointed worship leading. Victoria Orenze has a love, for God and a strong drive to make an impact on peoples lives through her music. As we delve into this blog post we will uncover ten details, about Victoria Orenze. Showcase some of her beloved songs that have deeply resonated with countless individuals worldwide.

Victoria Orenze's worship leading is marked by a powerful anointing that ushers listeners into God's presence. Her ability to create an atmosphere of worship and adoration is evident in every song she sings.

As a songwriter, Victoria Orenze pours her heart into crafting songs that reflect her deep relationship with God. Her compositions are born out of personal encounters with the Holy Spirit and carry a profound message of faith, surrender, and victory.

These songs by Victoria Orenze hold a special place in my heart. I love that her songs are Bible based and these songs have touched my soul and nurtured my faith, leading me into deeper worship and a stronger connection with my Heavenly Father.

"Blood of Jesus":

"Blood of Jesus" is a powerful worship anthem by Victoria Orenze that emphasises the redemptive power of Jesus' blood. This song celebrates the freedom and forgiveness found in His sacrifice, reminding believers of the precious gift of salvation.

"Blood of Jesus" reminds me of the immeasurable power and redemption found in the sacrifice of Christ. It reassures me of the freedom and forgiveness I have received through His precious blood.


In the song "Yaweh," Victoria Orenze exalts the name of God, declaring His majesty and sovereignty. With heartfelt lyrics and a captivating melody, this worship song encourages listeners to lift their voices in praise to the One who deserves all honour.

When I listen to "Yaweh," I am filled with awe and reverence for the Almighty. It lifts my spirits and compels me to exalt His name, acknowledging His sovereignty over my life. 

"My Master, My Lord":

With "My Master, My Lord," Victoria Orenze acknowledges Jesus as the Master and Lord of her life. This heartfelt song expresses devotion and surrender to the One who guides and leads with unwavering love.

"My Master, My Lord" resonates deeply within me as I surrender every aspect of my being to Jesus. It is a heartfelt declaration of my devotion and recognition of His guiding presence in my life.

6. "I Get Backing":

"I Get Backing" is a powerful declaration of God's faithfulness and provision. Victoria Orenze proclaims that with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as her backing, she can overcome any challenge and walk in victory. This song uplifts and strengthens the faith of listeners.

 And when I hear "I Get Backing," my faith is strengthened. It reminds me that with God by my side, I am empowered to overcome any challenge and walk in victory. 

In conclusion, Victoria Orenze is a gifted worship minister who uses her talents to bring glory to God and inspire believers worldwide. Through her anointed music, she reminds us of the power of Jesus' blood, calls us to exalt His name, and encourages us to surrender to His lordship. As we listen to her songs, may we be drawn into deeper worship and experience the transforming presence of God. Let Victoria Orenze's ministry continue to touch lives and ignite a passion for worship in the hearts of believers everywhere.

CeCe Winans: The Gospel Music Icon and Inspirational Trailblazer

September 15, 2023

CeCe Winans, a figure, in the world of gospel music has made an impact, on the music industry with her incredible singing ability, meaningful lyrics and unwavering faith. Throughout her successful career CeCe Winans has not mesmerized audiences with her exceptional talent but also touched hearts and motivated countless individuals through her uplifting melodies. In this blog post we will explore the story of CeCe Winans honoring her accomplishments, influence and lasting legacy.

Musical Family Heritage:

Born into a musical family, CeCe Winans was destined for greatness. As a member of the renowned Winans family she is well known for their contributions, to gospel music. Having been immersed in an environment during her upbringing she cultivated a passion and profound admiration, for this expressive art form.

Throughout her childhood CeCe Winans had the opportunity to experience the realm of gospel music firsthand observing its ability to bring about transformation and inspire change.. From impromptu family sing-alongs to absorbing the vibrant performances of her siblings and other gospel music legends, her passion for music grew with every note sung and every melody played.

Anointed Vocal Powerhouse:

CeCe Winans is widely recognized as a gospel singer, known for her exceptional vocal range and captivating performances. Her ability to express a range of emotions, through her singing has resonated deeply with audiences.

When CeCe Winans takes the stage her voice becomes a conduit for emotion and spiritual connection. Whether she sings softly or reaches heights with her vocals she effortlessly navigates the intricacies of each song infusing them with passion and authenticity. Her talent, for conveying the depth of emotions through her music is truly remarkable leaving listeners spellbound and profoundly moved

Stellar Awards and Grammy Wins:

CeCe Winans has etched her name in the annals of gospel music history with a plethora of prestigious awards, including an astonishing 12 Grammy Awards and numerous Stellar Awards. These accolades are a resounding testament to her unparalleled talent, unwavering dedication, and profound impact on the gospel music industry.

Beyond the glittering trophies and industry acclaim, CeCe Winans' awards serve as a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and her tireless efforts to uplift and inspire through her music. Each Grammy and Stellar Award is a symbol of the countless hours poured into honing her craft, the passion she brings to every performance, and the unyielding pursuit of artistic and spiritual authenticity.

Spirit-Stirring Lyrics:

CeCe Winans music is, like a tapestry, woven with lyrics that touch the depths of our souls. Her songs go beyond compositions; they are expressions of her faith. They carry messages of hope, faith, love and empowerment that deeply resonate with listeners.

In a world often filled with chaos and uncertainty CeCe Winans soul stirring lyrics provide comfort and healing. Her music creates a sanctuary where we can find solace, inspiration and a renewed sense of belief. Through her gift of words she invites us to embark on a journey of self discovery, spiritual growth and fostering a connection with our Creator.

Collaborations that Inspire;

Throughout her journey CeCe Winans has collaborated with an impressive range of talented artists, from different genres. These collaborations have not pushed the boundaries of gospel music. Have also created powerful musical experiences that touch audiences worldwide.

One of CeCe Winans' notable collaborations was with the legendary Whitney Houston. Their duet, "Count on Me," showcased the incredible vocal chemistry between two powerhouses and became an anthem of friendship and support. The song's infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics inspired listeners to lean on one another during challenging times.

Faith-Centered Ministry:

CeCe Winans music embodies her unwavering faith and profound connection, with God. Through her ministry she has. Motivated believers, reminding them of the significance of worship, prayer and Gods unconditional love.

Humanitarian Efforts:

CeCe Winans, the celebrated gospel music icon, not only shares messages of hope and love through her songs but also actively engages in humanitarian efforts. One organization close to her heart is World Vision, a Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organisation dedicated to helping children and adults escape poverty by providing resources and teaching essential skills.

In conclusion, CeCe Winans' partnership with World Vision demonstrates her unwavering commitment to transforming lives and empowering communities. Through her firsthand experiences and compassionate heart, she stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to join the cause and make a difference in the lives of those in need. Together, CeCe Winans and World Vision embody the power of love, compassion, and action in creating a brighter future for vulnerable individuals and communities around the world.

Enduring Legacy:

Her influence on gospel music continues to inspire and shape the next generation of artists, serving as a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians and worship leaders.

In a world longing for hope and spiritual nourishment, CeCe Winans' faith-centered ministry offers a refreshing perspective. Through her music and ministry, she invites believers to draw closer to God, reminding them of the power of worship, prayer, and the unshakeable love of the Divine. Her unwavering commitment to uplifting others serves as an inspiration for believers to live out their faith with boldness, compassion, and a deep reverence for God.

An Icon of Inspiration:

CeCe Winans is not just a Gospel music icon; she is an icon of inspiration. Her life, music, and ministry embody a spirit of perseverance, faith, and devotion to God. Her music has touched the souls of many, leading them to a deeper connection with their Creator.

In summary the collaboration, between CeCe Winans and World Vision showcases her dedication to changing lives and empowering communities. With her experiences and caring nature she serves as a source of inspiration encouraging others to get involved and have an impact on the less fortunate. Together CeCe Winans and World Vision exemplify the power of love, compassion and taking action to build a future, for vulnerable individuals and communities worldwide.

Heart to Heart: Claudine Mofokeng

by September 06, 2023

Life's challenges can be overwhelming, but we don't have to face them alone. Join us as we delve into a heart-to-heart interview with mme Claudine Mofokeng, wife of acclaimed actor ntate Jerry Mofokeng. Her story reminds us of the vital role a supportive and confident woman plays in navigating life's struggles. Through her wisdom gained from life experiences and walking with God, Claudine shares invaluable insights that inspire and empower women on their own journeys. Together, let's embrace the power of support and find strength for the road ahead.

Inside Woman Online: Tell us about that moment when you realised that you needed Christ into your life?

Claudine Mofokeng: I was in nursing school, doing my first year. And within two months I befriended these two ladies who invited me to the Student Christian fellowship and to the local Church on Sunday. I realised that they had something that I didn’t have. I was already going to Church but there was something that was missing. So we formed a quartet and we sang at the hospital Christian fellowship.

One day we went to the local Church to a youth service and they asked us to render an item. While singing, I just broke down. I remember I was singing ‘search me O God and know my heart, try me and see if there be any wicked in me, cleanse me’. The words are similar to Psalm 151 by David. That was a defining moment for me. I was beginning to hear this through my heart; it was no longer a head longer.  The growth went at a tangent and I never looked back.

Inside Woman Online: How has that experience and walk defined your life as a mother, wife, grandmother and dealing with people daily?

Claudine Mofokeng: The choices I make I base them on my faith in God. Usually I would say “let me go and pray about this” before committing myself to anything. The first exercise I had of that was when ntate Mofokeng proposed. That happened the very following year after I was saved. That shaped what happened in my life after because I had to ask God on how to choose a life partner. I wouldn't have chosen someone who didn’t know Christ.

We've been on this journey and everything we do we commit to the God including whether to move to another province because he has a job there. If it doesn’t gel with us we know that God is not in it. And trusting God in prayer has literally shaped my life. And I often wonder had I not accepted Christ how would have my life penned out? But given the chance I would choose the same life.

Inside Woman Online: What has God been teaching you about love for Him, love for yourself and love for others?

Claudine Mofokeng: When Solomon says the first wisdom is to fear the Lord, I have proven that. And to love God without reserve, to be open with Him, to enjoy living in Harmony with Him is to remember that He first loved me. Everything I do comes from me loving God. God has shown me that we are saved but we are not robots, we still have a will. And He expects us to walk according to the free will that He has given us,a choice of right and wrong. I love myself but not at the expense of another. I celebrate my life but not at the expense of others. And I have this philosophy that God first loved me and if I love myself its service unto Him. I don’t abuse myself and my body is an instrument for God’s use. I love myself enough to know that I should reject abuse. People believe that when they are being abused, trodden down it’s tantamount to being a Christian, to turning the other cheek. No. I recognise what God has done in my life and I choose to be a good steward of the life He has given me.

Inside Woman Online: What where some of the struggles that you had as a young woman?

Claudine Mofokeng: I got married at 23 years of age. The real first struggle I had was getting married into a family. In our time we had to go and live with the husband’s family and I had to deal with a house full of people, who didn’t see things exactly as I saw them. And I wanted to make sense of it as I was in the minority. For instance I didn't understand why others didn't have regard of other people’s feelings and the I was also confused by their outlook on life. We couldn’t even express our love to each other. I mean I was young and new to the family, and I was overwhelmed with the burdens of being a bride. All of a sudden I had a responsibility of coming back from work to cook for more than ten people where else at home it was a smaller number. I struggled to find balance between my needs, his needs and the family's needs. I spoke to my husband and we agreed that we should move our and find our own home.

I also struggled with adjusting to my husband’s emotions. We were taught that after marriage you are fully under this person and you have to get your cues from them. I didn’t even realise that he has his personality and I have mine. What really helped me was because I read a lot and we would study the books together. And over time a lot of things were demystified. And we learned to look for ways to complement each other because marriage doesn’t change a person. We learned to work around each other in a respectable way.

Inside Woman Online: What is your advice to young married women who are struggling to gel with their husbands?

Claudine Mofokeng: Today I am teaching women not to change, not to allow marriage to change them but rather to improve who they are already. What I am really saying is that you find you are married, you love doing certain things but society imposes on you what you should and shouldn’t do to make the marriage work. I do a lot of counselling and I hear men saying this woman has let herself go. And when I ask the woman what is happening they tell me they are busy with this and that. People meet in love but they don’t do those things that say "we are in love" in this marriage. And changing yourself for Him doesn’t help. You don’t have to abandon your hobbies and likes because they are part of who you are, a part of your continuation in life. Once you no longer do them, you become bitter at your partner.

Inside Woman Online:  A lot of young people are getting married but their marriages don’t last. How can young women help their marriages?

Claudine Mofokeng: I am an advocate of pre-marital counselling. It’s needed to help bridge the gaps of incompatibility in certain areas, where some of the differences can never be solved. I usually say to women please do not marry your hopes. Marriage does not give you those hopes. If he is a social drinker and you don’t like somebody that drinks, don’t go there because once he is marriage he has a sense of entitlement. He will be doing things openly because he has no need to pretend.

The Bible says older women teach younger women how to be wives. Unfortunately our society is two faced. We don’t tell our young girls the truth. For example, there will be times that it will be so bad financially because sometimes life happens. He might get retrenched and you might have to deal with having one salary. Sometimes you find you don’t have supper because these things happen. And because we the older women don’t share this little bits of truth with you, when it finally happens to you, you feel like you have failed and you want out. Why? Because we didn’t prepare you for the challenges ahead and instead we use blanket statements like “marriage is hard”.

And the bias of society also affects marriage. Men and women are not treated the same. Men are not being prepared for women. Look at how we raise our boys, they never do anything. From the onset we teach little boys a sense of entitlement that they need a woman to come and complete them. Girls are taught to look after their brothers, wash for them and cook for them. And in no time the girls are far ahead when it comes to taking responsibility because that’s how they are brought up. And when they are grown up they play out these roles in marriage as they were taught. When you hit the kitchen he hits the couch. And sadly when women are overwhelmed they don't ask for help, nor communicate their needs because they want to prove a point. When a man hires a gardener nobody says “you are not man enough” but when a woman hires a helper to look after the kids, people say she is not a woman enough, she is lazy.

When you are a stay at home mom you worry that you are not bringing in money. When you are a working woman you feel guilty that you are not spending enough time with your kids. It’s our responsibility to change all these mindsets and deal with the guilt that women always carry and talk about these challenges. There is nothing wrong with needing a helper as long as you don’t outsource your responsibilities to the helper. She is there to help, nothing more, nothing less. You still need to guide them how to do things in your home.

As older women we need to teach you that it’s OK to have misunderstandings in your marriage. Don’t succumb to the lie that you don’t pray enough that is why you have all these problems. The Bible didn’t promise us a problem free life. Problems are there to make us grow. But we need people who will guide us when we hit those bumps.

Inside Woman Online: How did you know that ntate Jerry was the one?

Claudine Mofokeng: I prayed and God answered. He might speak through other people through dreams and each and every one of us has a particular way of knowing that it is God. I always say, if you are in doubt don’t do it. That which is from God is accompanied by His peace.

Inside Woman Online: We have a lot of young women who are feeling restless who feel that God is slow in accomplishing His promises in their lives. What do you say to them?

Claudine Mofokeng: We don’t only serve from the platform. Every post you are in is service to God. Remain in your post but wait for God. Don’t disengage because you will be naked and you might not make it. Don’t go into things prematurely. There is a reason for the process. God is not a good of confusion.

Inside Woman Online: Was there ever a time where you felt like your faith was sleeping and how did God help you back up?

Claudine Mofokeng: When you feel spiritually dry it's because you were paying attention to what’s happening around you, forgetting that God said do not worry but by prayer and supplication present your needs to Him  (Philippians 4:6). The problem is that we get carried away by the things of this life forgetting that there is a God who knew about the problem before it manifested. Whenever we feel like that it's because we have removed our focus from God. For example, you learn that you child is going to need money at school. You panic and then you go and take a loan. And now when you have to pay for the loan you feel like God has abandoned you. But did you ask God? Because He said ask and He will do it.  As I grow older, I learning that we don’t know how to pray. When you pray, use God’s Word and you will find that because it is His Word He hears you and will respond.

Inside Woman Online: Why is prayer and reading God’s Word important?

Claudine Mofokeng: I take my examples from Christ Himself. How many times does the Bible say Jesus separated Himself to spend time with Father God? We are spirit beings and it’s important to feed that. The God nature in us is a very important part of our faith. Reading the Word feeds your soul. It’s important to pray, read the Word and come together with other believers. God will not discern from heaven. He uses these three avenues to talk to us.

Inside Woman Online: The Bible says not everyone is going to get married but there is pressure for single people to be married. According to society, as women you can’t achieve every goal you have set for yourself but until you get married you have not achieved.

Claudine Mofokeng: Let’s teach our women to first seek first the Kingdom of God and and God promised that all these things (including husbands) shall be added to them. Let’s also not be too quick to say, maybe I am not given a gift of marriage because if you have noticed the devil hates marriage. Why? It’s one avenue that is legal for human beings to fight him on. When you are shacking what leg are you standing on? But if you are legally married, committed yourself to this covenant, you can tell God your problems.

God will never mislead you. If marriage is to come to you at 40 God will provide you with peace.  If you marry young God will give you all the attributes that you need to be a good wife and to take care of your family. God will always provide a way.

If you rush God’s will it will be difficult for you to hear Him. God’s will is a kilometer at a time. Sometimes you are not ready to get married. Sometimes the person that God wants you to marry is still in their making. Wait for God. He will help you.

Inside Woman Online: A lot of us get our information from our peers. Why do you think it’s important to have older spiritual mentors?

Claudine Mofokeng: The older people have walked this walk, they have been there. A mentor helps to minimise the scratches in the journey. For example, if you are married and there is no supper in the home, your helper will show you that it’s not a train smash. It’s a milestone. You will bounce back.

When you have questions they will have answers. Not that their answers are typecast but they give you a principle and from that principle you will know the way to go. I respect mentorship a lot because it prevents people from being loose cannons because there is accountability.

Inside Woman Online: What have the godly women in your life taught you?

Claudine Mofokeng:  They have taught me that I don’t belong to myself but to Him and because I belong to Him I am an ambassador. I can never be found wanting nor can I be irresponsible about the things I say. And they taught me that forgiveness and walking in love can never expire. God expects us to live that way. And the pillars I hold on to are prayer, studying the Word of God and being in fellowship with other believers. And never forget that you are representing God in Heaven.

Inside Woman Online: When people look around, they see a lot of things happening. How do we encourage them, how do we help them have that fellowship with God?

Claudine Mofokeng: Live your life in the way that God can use for His Glory. And I have noticed that out of all the faiths, Christians are the most judgemental. We don’t make room for others. But the Bible say don’t judge. Walk in love.

Remember Jesus was a social being, he talked to everyone.  Be like Christ. Don’t be so untouchable and be your sister’s keeper. Be genuinely concerned about those who are around you.

Inside Woman Online: If you could preach one message to women what would be?

Claudine Mofokeng: Do not lose yourself  otherwise you are going to be bitter and blame others for the pressures you allowed in your life. Learn to be content. Because when you do you stop looking to your left or to you right. Instead you do you as God has created you. You are satisfied despite the circumstances.

Have a desire to die empty. Share yourself with others. Pursue your God given dreams. If you want to write a book, start now. If you die tomorrow at least you would have a manuscript and people can tap into your mind.

Replicate yourself and have disciples to pass on the baton.

Inside Woman Online: When you close your eyes, what does an empowered woman look like?

Claudine Mofokeng: An empowered woman is a one who can live with their success and failures. They have no regrets.

Inside Woman Online: How do you get to a point of no regrets?

Claudine Mofokeng: Remember that what is done is done, it’s in the past. Look at the something else. Don’t camp in your success or your failures. Move on. Don’t beat yourself about things you did when you were younger. Allow God’s forgiveness in your life.

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Overcoming the Temptation of Gossip

August 21, 2023

It is astounding how words, often dismissed as insignificant, can cause immense pain and leave lasting wounds. I find it perplexing that someone once propagated the notion that "sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me." On the contrary, words possess the power to cut deep into our souls. The wounds inflicted by careless or malicious gossip can be excruciating, especially when they come from individuals we hold in high regard. 

Gossip, with its deceptive nature, creeps into our conversations subtly, making it crucial for us to remain vigilant and guard our tongues. Being aware and reflecting on our actions is crucial to prevent gossip from spreading and causing harm to ourselves and those, around us.

Slander and gossip seem to be pervasive, in our society with no shortage of rumors circulating. 
 All of us have, at some point been the victims of hurtful gossip and all of us have been the issuer of gossip or the entertainer of gossip.

Proverbs 11;13 serves as a reminder of the difference, between someone who gossips and someone who can be trusted; "A gossip breaks a confidence but a trustworthy individual keeps secrets." Whenever we engage in gossip we betray the trust others have placed in us. We end up spreading information sharing rumors and sensational details that falsely empower us. It's crucial to acknowledge that gossip often arises from a lack of unity and the need to fit into a group fostering a sense of solidarity through an "us, versus them" mentality.

Where there is no sense of belonging or unity, gossip can provide a superficial feeling of cohesion, in the ‘us against them’ division.

A busybody - This is a person who meddles in the affairs of others. They are snoops and spies who are always trying to dig up dirt on others. They love rumours and take great delight in uncovering sensational details they can spread to give themselves a feeling of power. They are very clever at how they elicit information from others. They often act as two-faced double agents who use cunning and flattery to gather information while appearing innocent and angelic. Usually busybodies have too much time on their hands, and they go from one person to another seeking information about others as if they themselves have no faults...their phones are always ringing. They are nothing more than "peeping-toms" who uncover private things that are none of their business.

Prayer requests - This is a huge problem! The gossipers for every time someone has come to me and  shared a "prayer concern" disclosing personal details about someone else's life. This is nothing more than an angelic mask covering a sinister plot. If we are sharing gossip in the form of "prayer requests" we are only deceiving ourselves. This subtle form of gossip is perhaps the most damaging because many Christians justify this sin as "concern" or a "burden". Busybodies who have perfected their craft appear innocent, but their constant whispering opens the door for the enemy to meddle in the affairs of God's people, and such sin will be exposed. We mustn't kid ourselves. God is not mocked regarding such manipulation and false pretenses.  There's no other way to say it, pretentious concern is still nothing but cleverly masquerading gossip. And what's more, if you listen to such things and remain silent you are just as guilty.

Unloading a heavy heart - Many times a gossip will seek you out as a "prayer partner" where they will unload a heavy heart and personal concerns. They say things like: "I'm so burdened for so-and-so and I just don't know who else to talk to about it." The truth is that gossips would rather discuss dirty details than discovering a solution. "A perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends" (Proverbs 16:28). A gossip thrives on negativity and loves to stir up drama wherever he goes. Anyone who is generally concerned with a prayer burden, will go privately to confront that person and express his concerns. Or he should privately go to the pastor or elders so they can directly address the problem. It's important to realize that the longer the gossip continues the deeper the web is entangled, and the more damage will occur.

The bottom line is clear: if it's not your business, you have no business sharing it, even if it's good news.  

As followers of Christ, we are called to be bearers of love, grace, and compassion. Ephesians 4:29 reminds us, "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear." It's crucial to understand that the longer rumors circulate the complicated and damaging the situation becomes.

The key point is straightforward; if something doesn't concern you it's best not to spread it even if its news.

As followers of Christ we have a responsibility to embody love, grace and compassion. By doing so, we can contribute to a world where kindness, understanding, and grace abound, fostering deeper connections and genuine relationships built on a foundation of trust and respect.

Proverb 11:13 reads, "A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter." Do you have a faithful spirit? Or are you a troublemaker who enjoys hurting others with your mouth?

A Christian Perspective on Overthinking

August 21, 2023
A Christian Perspective on Overthinking

Just like the ceaseless beating of the heart, the brain remains in constant activity, never pausing its functions. Well, that's a good think because it proves you are alive. But here is the thing, the constant chatter in our heads can be too much with the mind dancing from one thought to another, refusing to stay still for even a moment. Most of these thoughts arrive uninvited, occupying our attention briefly before vanishing, making room for new ones to emerge. And lets be honest we all go through moments of worry or anxiety at some point in our lives.. When it starts becoming a way of life that's when we know it's time for us to make some adjustments.

You see contemplating is an aspect of our existence. Plays a crucial role, in developing our critical thinking abilities and making sound judgments. Many creative souls thrive in deep contemplation. However, overthinking can be detrimental, leading to missed opportunities, fear, and diminished confidence. Dwelling on "what ifs" creates self-imposed limitations, hindering progress and achievement. Let us embrace balanced thinking, steering clear of overthinking's confinements, and unlock the full potential of our minds.

In the Bible, God teaches us to direct our thoughts toward things that are good for us and honour Him.  Having our thoughts aligned with the Bible and wisdom brings us life and peace. However, when we allow our thinking to become negative and worldly, we discover outcomes that diminish us and hurt others.

Thinking too much is dangerous 

Frequently, our minds attempt to dictate our understanding and behaviour. As believers, we may pray about one matter while our thoughts wander elsewhere. Deep down, we hold the belief that through constant problem-solving and analysis, we can unravel every situation and find the answers we seek. When all you hear is your voice, replaying your problems endlessly, dominating your thoughts, there's little room to hear God's voice—His guidance and encouragement awaiting to uplift and direct you.

And this is how Satan cunningly exploits our tendency to overthink, sowing doubts and fears regarding spiritual matters. For some Christians, overthinking hinders their peace in salvation, as they excessively analyse their grace-based connection with God, missing out on the beautiful simplicity found in Christ.

Introverts are more susceptible to overthinking compared to extroverts, as their innate inclination to dwell within their own thoughts often leads to deeper contemplation and analysis.

Overthinking has led to the formation of cults and false religions. Spiritual overthinkers often analyse and dissect Scripture passages to the point of convincing themselves of a newfound meaning—one that eludes the understanding of both the Apostles and the revered Christian leaders of the past.

Prayer, Worship and Meditation

Personally, I've observed that when I fail to communicate with God about my problems and specific situations, I tend to fall into the trap of worry and overthinking. It's crucial to address the root of the problem; otherwise, it can spiral out of control. While talking to a friend might provide temporary relief, only seeking the Lord can truly eradicate the overthinking virus. I've experienced immense peace in my heart after engaging in a night of worship. Worship has a transformative power that shifts our focus away from ourselves and onto God.

To overcome overthinking, one must be proactive and determined to fight against it. Even if it means getting out of bed, I encourage you to go and pray to God, worship Him, and acknowledge His sovereignty. Remember that He has made a promise to be with you through every challenge and situation. Trusting in His presence and leaning on His promises can bring a sense of calm and clarity to your troubled thoughts.

To escape overthinking, embrace Scripture and prayer. The psalmists set a remarkable example in Psalm 94:19, 

"When anxious thoughts overwhelm, Your consolations delight my soul." 

Overthinking can be transformed into positive activities like healthy meditation, prayer, or Scripture memorisation. Researching specific verses that address overthinking and keeping them ready when obsessive thoughts arise can be helpful. Quoting them aloud and intentionally surrendering the issue to God, while affirming, "I will change my thoughts now," helps resist the impulse to overthink. Engaging in constructive projects, like writing, music, or art, redirects the mind from harmful obsessions, bringing forth beauty from negative thought patterns. Prayer, meditation, and creative expression all work together to relieve the pressure that leads to overthinking.

Signs of a Cult, Not a Church

August 14, 2023

In the past ten years or so, we have seen so many Churches popping up from every corners of our communities. This is not results in good news as Jesus taught us. 

Through the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Rights) we heard shocking revelations from former cult leaders and members on how many of these so called "Churches" use Witcraft to get their dupe as well as to control unsuspecting congregants.

In Kenya, a televangelist led his followers deep into the  forest near the coastal town of Malindi, allegedly convincing them to starve to death to meet God. Authorities found mass graves topped with crucifixes of children who apparently starved to death by their deceived parents.

Many of the cults members are women who are recruited when they are going through distressing emotional conflicts; during those vulnerable times and they are promised companionship, peace of mind, and security.  

So how do you spot a cult or a false leader? what are some of those characteristics that  you can look at that can show you that a certain religious group, or church, or organisation is in error theologically or sociologically? There are a few characteristics in which you can identify a cult. 

First, cults can take many forms. Some of these cults are institutionalised. They are well organised. There is a statement of faith, with a good predictable leadership. But there are those others that are autonomous, that are individualistic. 

1. An Overly Strong Charismatic Leader

The leaders of cult organisations always claims that they have special powers, divine revelations and prophetic insights. Then they use these teachings to demand unquestioning obedience from their followers. The cult leader also has ‘favourites’ who he grants small privileges, giving them a sense of importance, while the less favoured are encouraged to try harder to please him, and thus come even more under his domination. Some don't require that much domination but they create a kind of enviroment where people are competiting for the leader's attention.

The Lord's Way

Remember Jesus submitted himself to the faith community. He was baptised by John the Baptist. He went to the local synagogues and worshipped with other open Jewish communities. We even learn from the conversations between Jesus and his disciples that their relationship, between teacher and students, was of a dynamic nature, where is disciples were free to ask Him questions, searched for answers, and challenged the process. Healthy leadership exhibits a two-way relationship.  

2. Distortion of Central Christian Teachings

Those in cults are often be led to believe that they are in the right. Everyone who believes something else is wrong. False teachers from “among the people [en tō laō] . . . secretly bring in destructive heresies” (2 Pet. 2:1). As Paul puts it "some pervert the meaning of Scriptures that are “hard to understand,” doing so “to their own destruction” (2 Pet. 3:16). He also cautioned Timothy about false teachers who “wandered away into vain discussion, desiring to be teachers of the law, without understanding either what they are saying or the things about which they make confident assertions” (1 Tim. 1:6–7). These teachers had ambition but lacked proper understanding of the things they taught. Elsewhere in the same letter, Paul warned, “If anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that accords with godliness, he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy craving for controversy and for quarrels about words” (1 Tim. 6:3–4). 

3. The leader uses different means to weaken the minds.

They will use constant lecturing and false teachings to maintain the people’s minds in a constant debilitated state. The leader keeps the devotees constantly fatigued, and deprived of sensory input. The group uses “thought reform” methods to correct each other. “Brainwashing” is used to break down a person’s sense of individual identity. Short cliches such as “just follow your leaders” or “doubt your doubts” are used constantly so that the followers don’t critically analyze complex issues.

4. New Doctrines are Invented

They also invent new doctrines. A case in point the ‘serpent seed‘ doctrine, where it's claimed that the serpent had sexual intercourse with Eve. And that’s how the sinful human race comes about. Another teaching is teaching is the doctrine of pre-existence, which teaches that before we came here on earth, we used to be spirit children of our heavenly father in heaven. All these teachings are not found anywhere in the Bible but have been invented and added as part of Christian doctrine.

So, if you look at how a group deals with the primary teachings of the Christian faith, see how they over-emphasise the secondary doctrines or the new doctrines they have added into the teachings of the Christian faith, you can easily tell whether a group is cultic or not.

Remember, only Jesus can give a real, new, and abundant life! Jesus is the only answer to life because He is indeed the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

The Gospel according to Yolanda Adams

August 11, 2023

As Yolanda Adams so eloquently puts it in her quote, "People love gospel music. It's soothing. It's calming. No matter what you're dealing with, it gets right to the point. This adage perfectly expresses the meaning of gospel music as a refuge and comfort. Its melodies and lyrics have the rare capacity to speak directly to the centre of our emotions, bringing comfort and healing in trying circumstances"

Having performed gospel music since the 1980s, Yolanda understands its impact on people's lives. As a lead singer with Houston's Southeast Inspirational Choir, a member of the Church of God in Christ, and under the leadership of Carl Preacher, Brenda Waters, and Shirley Joiner, she initially came to the attention of Thomas Whitfield and Sound of Gospel Records. She sang lead on the record "For My Liberty" that the choir released in 1982. Adams' interpretation of "My Trust Lies in You" was included on the Give Us Peace album by the Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar Choir in 1986. 

Later, in 1990, she was found by producer and keyboardist Ben Tankard. She was then signed with Tribute Records, where she released one of my favourite albums by her called Through The Storm. According to Yolanda, gospel music has a sound that comes from nowhere else. It is a peaceful sound that sounds like, "I'm going to get through this." And she's not lying, Through the Storm, got me through some pretty difficult times in my life. I know every song in that album.

According to her, "Gospel music has a recurring primary subject of the love of God, the love of Jesus, and the strength you have in Him. When you have that, a gimmick is unnecessary. Through her message, Yolanda acknowledges the fundamental nature of gospel music which is the love of God and Jesus Christ. "You don't need a gimmick when you have that."

In addition to being lovely and melodious, Yolanda Adams is aware of the power of Gospel music. She says for her it's more important to assist others change their lives one day at a time, than it is to simply get a song played on the radio or appear on television.

Through her music she encourages the Christians to cultivate a daily relationship with God, urging listeners to go beyond seeking divine intervention only in times of crisis.  This truth is shared in another one of my favourite song by her, "Open My Heart" and "The Battle Is The Lord's."

When Yolanda Adams sings a song, she draws on her own life experiences. She shares, "you can't really say one experience is greater than another because all of your experiences take you through life on this journey." 

Through her music she reminds us that God calls us to use all our gifts, talents and influence to serve others. She says, "Those of us who are blessed, we owe it to our fellow citizens and folks who we are around to do something special for them." 

Yolanda knows that most of us as women, we are always juggling a million things at once.  She says, "You can live a wonderful life, you can love God with all your heart, and you can love your husband or wife very passionately and have a balance in your life."

Let God and Let Go

by August 07, 2023

It is a humbling realisation that some of the biggest messes we have made in life occurred when we thought we were in control or desperately grasping for control. Our efforts to cling and control often lead to disappointment and failure.

True obedience to God requires us to continually lay aside our own plans and desires. In order to fully live with Christ, we must daily die to ourselves and surrender our lives to Him.

God perfect plan for our lives is bring us into His abundant life and connect us with His eternal life, as the Spirit and the Son share, not only in heaven as well in the present moment and in all of our experiences (John 10:10). All of us who have made Jesus Christ the Lord of our lives have access to this abundant life. Although many of us are unable to recognise it or completely experience it, it is not something that God has concealed or made difficult to obtain.

In order for His life to become our life, His strength to become our strength, and His love to become our love, we may still need to learn how to abide in Him and live in oneness with Him. The key is to completely trust God to accomplish what we are unable to accomplish on our own by working in and through us.

Jesus tells us, "Abide in me as I abide in you. Join your life to mine, and my life will be yours." This is the secret Jesus offers us—the key to our fulfillment, great joy, and deep contentment. The effort lies in surrendering our own will and desires to align with God's perfect plan.

This abundant life is not something to be earned but received as a gift—the gift of living in union with God. It brings freedom, authority, and a pouring out of joy when we wholeheartedly say "YES" to God.

Surrendering to God is more than a mere physical posture; it is letting go of our abilities, personal preferences, and expectations of how God will call or use us. It is an invitation from God to stop trying to do things in our own strength and to die to our pride, ambitions, pain, faults, and fears.

Today, I encourage you to move beyond being a committed Christian and embrace being a surrendered Christian. Live in His presence, for in doing so, you will discover a path that leads to peace, contentment, joy, and delight.

If you find yourself struggling with total surrender to God, I urge you to have an honest conversation with Him. Pour out your heart and express your struggles, doubts, and fears. God understands and longs to help you find the freedom that comes with surrender.

Remember, true surrender to God is displayed in obeying even when it seems most difficult. This act of surrender awakens God's Spirit within us and humbles our pride and flesh.

Let us pray together, saying, "Our Father, may Your will be done in our lives as it is in heaven."

In the beautiful act of surrender, we find the abundant life that Christ offers—a life of peace, contentment, joy, and a deepening relationship with our Heavenly Father.
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