Heart To Heart: Pushie Watson

Most of us remember Pushie Watson from her time on Jam Alley. However, as the verse from Hillsong suggests, "If Grace is an Ocean, then we are all sinking." And that's precisely what occurred in Pushie's life—she fully immersed herself in the love of Jesus Christ. Not only did she surrender her life to Jesus, but she also wholeheartedly embraced God's grace and purpose as a beloved daughter, woman, wife, mother, and sister. In our heartfelt interview with her, Pushie shares God's wisdom on navigating this journey as a Christian woman.

Inside Woman: There are so many religions out there, why have you made the Lord Jesus Christ your personal Saviour? What drew you to His Grace?

Pushie Watson: I didn't choose Him, He chose me and I thank God He did. Ministry is indeed a calling. I also grew up in a Christian home so that helped cause if you train up a child in the way that they should go when they are old they'll not depart from it. But He handpicked me before the foundations of the earth and formed me in my mama's womb. I'm just chosen :)

Inside Woman: If you had to describe Jesus to someone who is seeking, who would you say Jesus is and why should people care?

Pushie Watson: Jesus is your maker. You are created by Him for a relationship with Him. When we have a problem with our car we check the manual and we take it to the manufacturer. Well, if you got questions or challenges in your life you might want to check your manual (The Bible) and get answers from your maker (God). You can't really do this thing called life without Him. I know because I tried and it didn’t work.

Inside Woman: Can a person have a relationship with God apart from Jesus Christ?

Pushie Watson Jesus is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, that’s three in one. One God, three roles. I am a daughter, a wife and a mother. Can someone have a relationship with daughter Pushie and not mother Pushie? I am all of that. If you meet me, you meet a wife, daughter, and mother.

Inside Woman: There is so much confusion in the Church about what’s Biblically correct or not. How do you make sure that you are God guided and not man/self-guided?

Pushie Watson: God looks at the heart. We will never know all in full everything. God is more concerned with our heart than our knowledge. I pray and do the best I know how to. I'm not worried about having a perfect doctrine; I'm concerned about having a pure heart.

Inside Woman: How can we as Christian’s women become more discerning since all of us are capable of being deceived?

Pushie Watson: Through prayer because God still speaks. Trust in that still small voice. If you don't have peace about it, that's usually an indication of something wrong. We never get it 100% right, all the time but God's bigger than our mistakes. No weapon formed against us shall prosper and whatever the enemy meant for evil God is able to turn it around for our good.

Inside Woman: Sometimes as Christians we are perceived as hypocritical and judgemental. How can we change those perceptions so that people can be drawn to Christ’s love?

Pushie Watson: By not being hypocritical and judgemental. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. God was and He is still so patient with us, and we need to be the same with others because none of us is perfect. Not even the saved.

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Inside Woman: No man is an island; and you have been birthed out by women of prayer. Share some of the beautiful qualities that you have learned from these women that have made you the woman that you are today?

Pushie Watson: Very early on in my walk with Christ I came into the company of older women who taught me the basics of Christianity. I then went on to Bible College for 3 years where men and women of God taught me. I have been blessed to have mentors that God provided along the journey. One woman in particular has remained in my life as a mother and has been a great spiritual support to me. She taught me how to stand in tough times until I saw my victory.

Inside Woman: When did you know you were called to ministry as a pastor and what’s the mandate that God has given you for this hour?

Pushie Watson: In the second year of Bible College I suddenly became aware of my gifting to minister.  It took me by surprise and since then God just began to open doors for me to minister to women all over, from the women in prison to the women in palaces. I believe God has called me to speak life, hope, and encouragement to women all over.

Inside woman: What is the danger in having a vision that has not had adequate prayer and direction from God?

Pushie Watson: If it's a godly vision He will make clear the path. However running ahead of God will often cause discouragement and disillusionment. God's timing is perfect and we have to trust Him and not try to force anything. If it's your own vision it may lead to failure or frustration.

Pushie Watson:: What if a woman hears from God about starting a ministry, but her spiritual parent(s) isn’t behind her–doesn’t support her. Should she press forward?

Pushie Watson: If someone tells me 'God said' then who am I to question that. If you heard from God you have to choose to obey God over man. I would never encourage rebellion, but our submission is primarily unto The Lord. If she really heard from God and her spiritual parents speak to the same God then they should also hear the same thing. Our God is not schizophrenic.

Inside Woman: Why is it important for a Christian woman to be connected to her spiritual home?

Pushie Watson: It is important for anyone to have a spiritual covering, be submitted to an authority, and be accountable to somebody. This could come in the form of a pastor, a church, or a church body.

Inside Woman:  How do we deal with the instant gratification in the Church? So many women want the platform?

Pushie Watson: I don't deal with it because it's not for me to deal with. I assume the anointing of God is highly attractive but Corinthians instructs us that we are one body but many parts. We all have to accept where God has placed us and what gifts He's given us and be faithful where we are called. Everyone has their own purpose and destiny. I must be faithful to what God has called me to do, and so must everyone else. We will each give an account for what we did with our talents. Our talent is God's gift to us, what we do with it is our gift to Him. No matter what anyone tries to do, if it's of God, you can't stop it, if it's not of God, you won't have to.

Inside Woman:  I'm sure that throughout your life, people have said of you, "Who does she think she is?" How do you respond to that?

Pushie Watson:  No one has said that to my face but I really don't have to think very hard about who I am. I know that I'm Pushie. A person who would ask that kind of question has probably not yet found out who they are. When they discover their unique purpose in Christ they will be less concerned about who other people are.

Inside Woman:  The process of waiting of God to fulfil His purpose in our lives is perceived to being painful and really challenging.   Why do you think God wants us to go through something like that?

Pushie Watson: I don't think He wants us to suffer until we receive His purpose for our lives. I think that's something someone would inflict on themselves. We are to find out the will of God for our lives and get busy doing it at all costs. If some promises take longer than expected then we have to wait with a good attitude knowing that the good work He's done in us He will bring to completion.

Inside Woman:  Sometimes we pray and pray and pray and nothing happens. What do you say to women who feel stuck in their lives and don’t know what to do next?

Pushie Watson: Seek counselling or mentorship. Two heads are better than one. Where there's no counsel the people fall, for there's wisdom in the counsel of the godly.

Inside Woman:  If you were 20 years old again, what would you do differently to better facilitate the fulfilment of god’s purpose in your life?

Pushie Watson: I'm not sure I would personally do anything differently but I would advise a 20 year old to surround themselves with the right people.

Inside Woman:  It seems that women (more so than men) tend to struggle with issues like gossip and backbiting, and are often too quick to take offense. How can we help women to curb those so called natural female tendencies to really have healthy relationships that last?

Pushie Watson: Those are not natural female tendencies. They are the fruits of insecurity. A woman must know who she is and Whose she is, and get busy being all God has called her to be so she doesn't have time for such unnatural behaviour.

Inside Woman:  What is your view on how women of God should dress? And is this still an issue that needs to be addressed?

Pushie Watson: Everyone has the ability to dress how they seem fit but I would dress to bring glory to God. Perhaps we should desire more to Dress to Bless than to squeeze to please.

Inside Woman:  We have a lot of women in the Church that say: “The Lord showed me my future husband in a dream”? What’s your take on that?

Pushie Watson: As I said before I never argue with whatever The Lord said to anyone. That's between them and their God. God is not a man that He should lie, if He said it, He'll do it. If He didn't you could be disappointed.

Inside Woman: A woman would say, “I love God and I know that He’s everything in my life, yet I struggle with loneliness sometimes”.  What’s your advice to her?

 Pushie Watson: God made us to be in relationship that's why loneliness can be painful. It might be a good idea to join a homecell or volunteer in your Church so you fellowship with like-minded friends. But sometimes we might just have to learn to enjoy our own company and use our time alone for more meaningful fellowship with God.

Inside Woman: What would you say to a woman who is going through a divorce right now and is feeling hopeless?

Pushie Watson:  God will never leave you or forsake you. As long as you still have breath, He's not done with you. Your life is not over because someone left. God is still for you and He will see you through any storm.

Inside Woman: Should Christians read horoscopes, consult with Tarot cards and read star signs?

Pushie Watson: I would not advise that. We are to worship The Creator rather than the creation.

Inside Woman: You are a mother, wife, pastor and TV presenter, how do you balance all these titles?

Pushie Watson: I'm fully present in what I'm doing when I'm doing it. When I'm at home I'm a mom and wife, nothing else. When I work, I work. Having said that, titles and positions come and go, but my children will always be priority and my marriage must stand long after the cheers and clapping have subsided.

Inside Woman: What do you want to be remembered for?

Pushie Watson:  Being a person who helped and inspired others to fulfil their purpose.

Inside Woman: When you are not working, how do you relax?

Pushie Watson: I watch TV, take walks and engage in great conversations.

Pushie is on Twitter: @PushieWatson

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