Heart to Heart: Ndo Dlakadla

 Heart to Heart: Ndo Dlakadla

Ndo Dlakadla shot to fame in a relatively short space of time. But despite all of the attention she's been getting her feet are firmly grounded. She knows who she is and what her purpose is on earth.  Her heart is still after God and Her desire is to see God's people walk in the full knowledge of who they are in Christ.  She shares the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ through her music. In this heart to heart interview, she shares the lessons she's learned about God's love, life and ministry.

Inside Woman: How did you come to know Christ as your personal Saviour?

Ndo Dlakadla:  I received  Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour after I had gone through teenage life crisis. I was in need of real love and I lacked a lot of guidance in my life but that day changed the way I thought of myself as a young girl. The Word that was shared made me realise that there is greater love than the one I was seeking from people.

Inside Woman: In what way do you see God guiding your journey?

Ndo Dlakadla: I see God in everything I do. Things have change and I have changed. I realise daily that with God on my side nothing could stop me from fulfilling my God given dreams and purpose for my life.

 Inside Woman: What gives you the courage and tenacity to keep moving forward with life?

Ndo Dlakadla:Whenever I look at where God had taken me from and place me at I feel encouraged and blessed. It makes me to say boldly that “indeed my Redeemer lives. I have conquered all the battles I have had through his Grace and Might alone.

Inside Woman: Can you know God outside of Jesus?

Ndo Dlakadla:  That is not possible because God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit are One. God as the trinity always work together for our well being. Knowing that Christ went to heaven to intercede for us and left us with the Holy Spirit to be our counsellor makes helps me to understand that Jesus is really the Truth, the Way and the Life and no one can go to the Father without Him.

Inside Woman:  How do you live out your convictions in our diverse society?

Ndo Dlakadla: I try not to indulge my thoughts on the way society lives but I let every person I meet be who they are around me without judging them. And I just live my truth and do my best to represent Christ.

Inside Woman: When did you realise that you have a gift for singing and that this is something you can do professionally?

Ndo Dlakadla: I always knew I could sing but I never imagine I could go this far. When I joined the worship ministry at my home Church I learned a lot about how to use the right tunes and mostly how to worship God in truth and in spirit.

Inside Woman: How did your early experiences in Church pave the way towards what you do as a worship leader and songwriter?

Ndo Dlakadla: It helped me a lot especially spiritually. I fully understand that I am not called to make people feel good about the music I am singing but I am to lead them to the presence of God, opening a platform for them to cast all their burdens unto Him so that they are enabled to receive deliverance through praise and worship.

Inside Woman: Briefly tell us about your album, Rhythm of Worship?

Ndo Dlakadla: Rhythm of worship is my first full album after I released the single in 2013. The album is about who I am and how I see God in my life. I would say it’s my testimony about God’s love, peace and unending joy. Most of my songs talk about God's love and His mercies.

Inside Woman: What is the process of song writing?

Ndo Dlakadla: Well in my case there is no procedure, I write whenever I feel the rhythm in my head and when I sense a song in my spirit.

Inside Woman: With the Crown Gospel nominations you obviously had a lot of praise heaped on you in recent months.  How do you keep everything in perspective?

Ndo Dlakadla: Those nominations encouraged me in doing more and pressing forward with evangelising through my music.

Inside Woman: How do you balance public platform calling with your home church responsibilities?

Ndo Dlakadla: When I am at Church I am at my second home. I do not see myself different at all. The believers also see me as a child in the house not a public figure. So this makes it easier for me to serve and serve well.

Inside Woman: Why is still important for you to serve at your home Church?

Ndo Dlakadla: It keeps me grounded and accountable which is vital for my being not just for people in the public eye. You know that you don’t just represent yourself but God, your family and your Church.

Inside Woman: Why is spreading the message of Christ so important to you?

Ndo Dlakadla: I believe that Jesus Christ is the Only Messiah who can heal and save our soul. More than anything, every soul needs to hear and know the truth before the second coming of Christ.

Inside Woman:  What advice do you have for an aspiring artist who may be ministering in the church now, but feel called to be a professional artist?

Ndo Dlakadla: Know the God you are serving and spend time doing the things that concern Him so that you will not go astray or be deceived easily. Serve God with all that you are, seek Him first and all the things you desire will be added unto you.

Inside Woman: Tells us about your family and what role do they play in your music?

Ndo Dlakadla: After God, my family is everything to me especially my husband Thulani Mngomezulu.  He is my business partner, my manager and he is very supportive of my calling. We do most things together and we understand each other. I bless God for him.

Inside Woman: What is it like to work with your husband?

Ndo Dlakadla: It’s awesome! He is a sensitive and caring man and he has great leadership skills. He always makes it easy for me to express my vision about things that concern our business. I feel truly blessed to have him.

Inside Woman: How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the "one"?

Ndo Dlakadla: I never paid that much attention to him even though we were both in the same worship team. I was leading the praise and worship and he played the base guitar. It’s only when he approached me at Church that I started feeling things that I never imagined I would feel for any man. Then I realised that it was time for me to receive love. The rest is history. We got married in 2011 and God blessed us with a beautiful girl named Tessa.

Inside Woman: What is God teaching you about love through motherhood?

Ndo Dlakadla: I am learning everyday how to love unconditionally. Looking at my daughter helps me to understand God’s unconditional love and helps me to see how God sees us as His children. This makes me love God even more.

Inside Woman:  Did you ever struggle with being single and why do you think that many Christian ladies who are single are struggling with their singleness?

Ndo Dlakadla: Yes I did struggle with being single because I didn’t believe that true love exists. But when I met my husband I realised that my thoughts were clouded by my past experience. I think single ladies should stop looking for someone to love them only but more important ask God for someone they can love too, who will do the same.

Inside Woman: If you could give one piece of advice to someone who's about to say, "I do!" what would it be?

Ndo Dlakadla: I would say go with what your heart tells you as long as it in line with the Word of God. Always remember who is at the centre of your marriage.

Inside Woman:  Is there anything you would like to share with those readers about how you remain content during season when it seems like God is not moving?

Ndo Dlakadla: I try not to dwell on the things that makes me sad but I focus my thoughts on the things that I am grateful for and mostly I trust God and believe that everything that happens to me He knows about it and it’s for me to Him through those challenges.

Inside Woman: What are your words of encouragement for women who may have gifts, talents, desires and dreams but they feel ‘stuck'?

Ndo Dlakadla: Trust God with what you have and believe that you are more than capable to go beyond your imagination. Your gift is not for you but was given to you to share with God’s people in a way that glorifies God alone.

Inside Woman:  If you could sit down with some of the young girls and give them advice, what would you say?

Ndo Dlakadla: I say fix your eyes on your goals for the future and do not let anyone despite your beauty, intelligence and kindness and don’t let anyone exchange your God given talents for useless and valueless acts. Trust God your Creator with your life and for your success.

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