A Prayer for Those Desiring Marriage

In our journey of faith, the desires of our hearts often come into play, especially when it comes to the topic of marriage. It is essential to seek God's will and align our desires with His purpose. This introspective journey involves understanding our motives, surrendering to His timing, and finding contentment in both singleness and the possibility of marriage. Join us as we explore the transformative process of seeking God's will in our desire for marriage, while trusting His plan and finding fulfillment in every season of life.

A Prayer for Those Desiring Marriage

Heavenly Father, no matter the circumstances in my life, I acknowledge Your goodness. You alone have the power to satisfy my heart completely, both in this life and in eternity. I do not seek to manipulate You for selfish gain or pleasure, as Your Word cautions against. In the book of James, it is written that we ask and do not receive when our motives are wrong, seeking to fulfill our own passions. Instead, I come to You in faith, without doubting, for a double-minded person cannot expect to receive anything from the Lord. Help me to pray with faith, aligning my desires with Your will and seeking to bring glory to Your name.

While I understand that You are the ultimate source of life, peace and joy in my life, Your Word also teaches that marriage is a good thing that brings You glory. You declared that it is not good for man to be alone and created a suitable helper for him. Lord, may my desire for marriage be pure, pleasing to You, and motivated by a desire to honour You. I ask that You sanctify my motives and guard me from idolising marriage or placing human love above my hope in Your eternal love. I acknowledge that this desire for marriage is not inherently bad, as it originates from You, but I also recognise the potential for misusing it if I am not submitted fully to You.

I ask for Your guidance and strength to submit fully to Your will. Please remove any doubts that are contrary to Your Word and Your Will regarding my desire for marriage. Remove any unhealthy shame I may carry about this biblical desire to glorify You through marriage. Your Word affirms that marriage is good and reveals the profound mystery of Christ's relationship with the Church. Grant me the supernatural balance to desire marriage without pursuing it wrongly. Help me to live in the freedom You have given, desiring marriage without guilt, knowing that You have placed this desire in my heart.

I now boldly and confidently lift up the desire of my heart to You, trusting that You hear me, just as You taught in Matthew 7:7-11. You know the depths of my heart, and I long for a godly spouse who loves You as I do. I submit to Your timeline for my life but pray that You would allow me to enter into marriage in Your perfect timing. Show me how to prepare myself to receive this blessing from You. Reveal any issues within my heart that may hinder this blessing from coming to pass. Help me to repent of any passivity that isolates me and any attempts to take matters into my own hands, stepping outside of Your will in my pursuit of marriage.

Search my heart, O God, and test my anxious thoughts. Show me if there is any offensive way within me and lead me in the way everlasting. I trust that You have good plans for me, plans to prosper and not to harm me, plans to give me a blessed future instead of a cursed one. I will follow You into Your perfect will for my life, leaning not on my own understanding but fully depending on You. May my paths be blessed and straight as I turn away from evil and do good in Your name. Heal my heart and bless my life as I seek to honor You above all else.

Father, I fully submit to Your will, whether in singleness or marriage. Help me to continually honour You, knowing that Your name is to be praised through every aspect of my life. Yet, in obedience to Your Word, I present my request before You in faith. I ask for the blessing of marriage, as Your Son, Jesus Christ, has said that all things are possible for You. May Your will be done, not mine in Jesus Name, amen.

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