Don't Worry - God Is in Control

Many people find themselves having to deal with worry. It takes away our peace and happiness, putting us in a state of worry. However, there is a means to overcoming worry and trusting God in every circumstance. In this post, I am going to present some Christian views on how an individual can have a life free of worries.

We should start with worshiping God and getting in His presence when we are afraid. Prayer enables one to appreciate God’s greatness and goodness, rather than focusing on all the things that torture us. God’s power has the ability to change our lives and restore us where we need help. Our strength and a fortress in whom we trust always is Him.

The second thing we must do is fulfill our duty but leave the rest to God. This implies that we should do our best but leave the rest to God. Many people do the opposite: They fear and fail to perform their duty. They stopped doing the right things they should, such as attending church, fulfilling their obligations and being optimistic. They also grumble and discuss their problem with everyone but not with God. This worsens their anxiety and misery.

We need to keep in mind that no challenge is insurmountable and God will always make provisions for our needs, even if He does not give us all we desire immediately. When we spend too much money, thus facing our own problems ourselves, God may not save us right away because He doesn’t want to bail us out when we act foolishly. However, He is faithful and will sustain us if we believe in Him. I can bear witness that God enabled my husband and me to go through some tough financial times without ever failing to pay a single bill.

The final thing we should not do is wait for God, and not on our own understanding. Waiting on God does not mean standing still, but acting in the only way we can act and leave the remainder to God. For instance, we should go out there in search of a job which is actively and aggressively all while praying and believing that God will open the best door for us. Let us at all times rely on God and not ourselves and that God is has the control then he loves us.

If we trust in God and His Word, we can live without anxiety. He has sworn to stay with us and never turn His back on us, and deliver unto us a peace that cannot be comprehended. He loves us in ways we can’t fathom, and he wants to see us enjoy life on earth. Therefore, let’s not be afraid but keep faith in the Lord for everything. He is in control.

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