The Gospel according to Yolanda Adams

As Yolanda Adams so eloquently puts it in her quote, "People love gospel music. It's soothing. It's calming. No matter what you're dealing with, it gets right to the point. This adage perfectly expresses the meaning of gospel music as a refuge and comfort. Its melodies and lyrics have the rare capacity to speak directly to the centre of our emotions, bringing comfort and healing in trying circumstances"

Having performed gospel music since the 1980s, Yolanda understands its impact on people's lives. As a lead singer with Houston's Southeast Inspirational Choir, a member of the Church of God in Christ, and under the leadership of Carl Preacher, Brenda Waters, and Shirley Joiner, she initially came to the attention of Thomas Whitfield and Sound of Gospel Records. She sang lead on the record "For My Liberty" that the choir released in 1982. Adams' interpretation of "My Trust Lies in You" was included on the Give Us Peace album by the Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar Choir in 1986. 

Later, in 1990, she was found by producer and keyboardist Ben Tankard. She was then signed with Tribute Records, where she released one of my favourite albums by her called Through The Storm. According to Yolanda, gospel music has a sound that comes from nowhere else. It is a peaceful sound that sounds like, "I'm going to get through this." And she's not lying, Through the Storm, got me through some pretty difficult times in my life. I know every song in that album.

According to her, "Gospel music has a recurring primary subject of the love of God, the love of Jesus, and the strength you have in Him. When you have that, a gimmick is unnecessary. Through her message, Yolanda acknowledges the fundamental nature of gospel music which is the love of God and Jesus Christ. "You don't need a gimmick when you have that."

In addition to being lovely and melodious, Yolanda Adams is aware of the power of Gospel music. She says for her it's more important to assist others change their lives one day at a time, than it is to simply get a song played on the radio or appear on television.

Through her music she encourages the Christians to cultivate a daily relationship with God, urging listeners to go beyond seeking divine intervention only in times of crisis.  This truth is shared in another one of my favourite song by her, "Open My Heart" and "The Battle Is The Lord's."

When Yolanda Adams sings a song, she draws on her own life experiences. She shares, "you can't really say one experience is greater than another because all of your experiences take you through life on this journey." 

Through her music she reminds us that God calls us to use all our gifts, talents and influence to serve others. She says, "Those of us who are blessed, we owe it to our fellow citizens and folks who we are around to do something special for them." 

Yolanda knows that most of us as women, we are always juggling a million things at once.  She says, "You can live a wonderful life, you can love God with all your heart, and you can love your husband or wife very passionately and have a balance in your life."

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